At the moment this section is a cunstruction site. From time to time I drop more pictures on it.
Im Moment ist dieser Bereich eine Baustelle. Von Zeit zu Zeit veröffentliche ich mehr Bilder hier.
Cuba 2015


Flight from Zurich -> Paris -> Havana


Dinner presented by Air France


Yacqui at the Casa Umberto


Exceptional tatsing with Nino and the Portmann’s, with Cigars from Min Ron Nee
. travel-cu2015-IMG_3618

Yacqui and Urs
. travel-cu2015-IMG_3480

Yacqui smoking an old Partagas
. travel-cu2015-IMG_3625

Driving in an old cabriolet to the next event
. travel-cu2015-IMG_3662

Yacqui in the cabrio
. travel-cu2015-IMG_3659

Yacqui in the cabrio
. travel-cu2015-IMG_4157

Finca Alejandro Robaina
. travel-cu2015-IMG_4313

Yacqui and Hector Luis

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