I started collecting jars with the Habanos Millenium Edition, in 1999 / 2000. I bought seven from each brand (Cohiba, Cuaba, Montecristo), at this time. One to smoke the others for exchanging with other collectors, or to sell it. Meanwhile new porcelain came to my collection.
Ich habe im Jahr 1999 / 2000 angefangen Jars zu sammeln Damals kaufte ich je sieben jeder Marke (Cohiba, Cuaba, Montecristo). Einer war zum rauchen, die anderen für den Tausch mit Zigarrensamlern, oder zum Verkauf. Mitterweile kam neues Porzellan hinzu.
Bulk of Jar'sA bulk of jars

2 Ammo-boxes of Jars - 6 Cohiba & 6 Montecristo Millenium EditionJars in aging boxes – 6 Cohiba Millenium Edition – 6 Montecristo Millenium Edition
Ammo-box of Jars - 6 Cuaba & 1 Cohiba Millenium Edition, 1 Juan Lopez Distinguidos ER Alemana

Jars in aging boxes – 6 Cuaba Millenium Edition – 1 Cohiba Millenium Edition – 1 Juan Lopez Distinguidos ER Alemania 2011

Ammo-box of Jars - 6 Partagás Serie P No. 1

Jars in aging box – 6 Partagás Serie P No. 1

Ammo-box of Jars - 6 H. Upmann Noellas

Jars in aging box – 6 H. Upmann Noellas

Ammo-box of Jars - 5 San Cristobal Torreon, 2 La Escepcion Selectos Finos RE Italia, 1 H. Upmann Magnum 46

Jars in aging box – 6 San Cristobal Torreon – 2 La Escepcion Selectos Fonos ER Italia – 1 H. Upmann Magnum 46

7 thoughts on “Jars”

  1. Hello,

    Where can I get Ramon Allones Italia Jar? Who sell them online?

  2. marilyn said:

    i would love to buy jars from you. can you tell me the price i am selling to my clients in US. do you ship them to us? how long it takes… can you ship them ? i need a wholesale price. or good price pls.
    I need to send one to Hong Kong can you ship there. ??how much is with shipping one montecristo millenium jar sealed?

  3. Mike Kulhavy said:

    Dear collector, do you sell in the moment some of your jars?

  4. Hello Sir, would you still consider selling one or two of the jars? I would love to buy the Montecristo Millenium Jar and Cuaba Distinguidos Millenium Jar.

    Kind regards

    • I have 2 jars that I would sell:

      Bolívar Distinguidos Jar China Regional Production 2010 $3000.00 USD

      La Escepcion – Don Jose (2015) $800.00 USD

  5. Are the La Escepcion Selectos Finos jars for sale

  6. Hi

    I am looking for La Gloria Cubana Jar.

    If you or anybody have info, please share.

    Best regards

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